Bohumila Tauchmannová

Bohumila Tauchmannová, rodená Záborská

Uchádzajúca sa kandidátka na prezidentku Slovenskej republiky


My non-profit sector activities

For the past two decades, I have been active in various non-profit associations, where I engage in activities that help achieve their goals. It was the work with these organizations that made me apply for the post of President of the Slovak Republic in the upcoming elections. I would like to thank my colleagues for the cooperation that convinced me of the meaningfulness of work, which is honoured with a good feeling and the belief that it is worth pursuing one’s goals. I would like to thank all the kind people from the Union of Commerce of the Slovak Republic, the Rural Platform, Association of Producers of Soft Drinks and Mineral Waters in Slovakia, Quality from Our Regions civic association.

What is the reason for this serious step?

People feel threatened. They have the feeling and some have even experienced that they have no access to justice. The moral decline and the fatigue of society are becoming more apparent. Citizens' dissatisfaction is growing because issues are not addressed for the benefit of the majority. People's trust towards the government is in decline and society is becoming visibly radicalized.

What entitles me to apply for this important post?

When I am not happy with the state of affairs in society, I am thinking of the ways to change it. For more than a decade, I have been educating the public in order to improve the life in Slovakia through national projects such as "Quality from our regions", "Let's ask for the Slovak products", "Waste is a raw material", "Lets clean up Slovakia" and others. The experience with and results of these activities in cooperation with citizens have convinced me that together we can change what seems impossible at first glance.

What is my goal?

To be a speaker of the nation. To say what people think, but dare not say aloud. Based on a common communication I would like to point out the issues that need to be addressed within society. Based on public opinion, I want to create healthy social pressure to mobilize positive forces across all components of society and make the necessary changes in our country. My goal is for us to become a happier nation because happier and satisfied citizens can achieve much more. This will be possible when morale regains value and when it will be trendy to keep one's word.

How do I aim to compete for your support?

For a year and a half, I am going to try to gain your trust. I am going to visit Slovak towns and municipalities so that I can learn the state of affairs in a real environment and directly from you. In addition to collecting signatures under the petition and your opinions, I look forward to seeing the beautiful Slovak places that I plan to promote on this website. In my campaign, I will only compete for the support of individual citizens independently of the political parties and financial groups.

Why the page was created?

Since I have decided to address Slovak citizens and to gain their support in the upcoming presidential elections in the spring of 2019, I need a platform:

  • to get the opportunity to communicate with you and to find out what your opinion is about the different events in society and how you propose to deal with them.
  • to keep track of current events from my electoral outings to individual cities and municipalities in Slovakia.
  • so that you can participate in this presidential campaign (if interested) as volunteers from all over Slovakia and help me with it in various ways. Without the broad support of the public, I have no chance of winning this election because my financial possibilities for such a campaign are rather moderate.
  • so that we can continue together in the future after the elections because this step is only the beginning of our cooperation. Because only with a continuous feedback on the state and needs in the regions of Slovakia and our joint efforts, we can change the state of affairs for the benefit of the majority of our country's citizens.
  • to create a platform that would give us the mandate to promote interests in the long term for the benefit of all citizens of Slovakia.

A little bit more about me.

I was born on 19 September 1958 in Martin. In my hometown, I graduated from a primary school and Viliam Paulíny Tóth's secondary school. Together with my husband Miroslav Tauchmann, we have lived and worked in Bratislava since we graduated from the University of Economics. We started a business immediately after the Velvet Revolution. We have two children: a daughter Kristína and a son Miroslav. We live in a family house and we all love animals. At the moment, our cat Mika is getting used to Elf, a Siberian Husky puppy. I love to move and I have engaged in sports since I was young, however, domestic works are also included in my favourite activities. I enjoy removing the snow, perhaps because it reminds me of the scent of childhood and Christmas. I also like a variety of craftsmanship. In our household, I am a tailor, a hairdresser, a confectioner, a gardener. I draw energy from art and I like to write, too.